Mikkelsen Piano Tuning & Service, LLC
Mikkelsen Piano Tuning & Service, LLC

Piano Tuning

Pianos are tuned to international pitch, which is A440. Mark Mikkelsen tunes by ear. We recommend tuning your piano at least once a year in Colorado. A tuning appointment is two hours in duration. The cost is $150.


We offer a thorough piano evaluation service to our customers. A pricing estimate is included as well as important information about resale options. Plan for one hour for an evaluation. The cost is $60.

Service and Repair

There are a variety of piano service and repair options available. Most repairs can be made during the first appointment. Cost varies according to the service or repairs needed. An estimate is provided at the time of the first appointment. Contact us for more information.


Time and use can make a piano keyboard's touch inconsistent. Regulation is a process of bringing the piano action up to optimal working order. Cost varies depending upon customer needs and interests. Contact us for more information.

Piano Restoration

On occasion, pianos need to be restored due to structural problems such as loose tuning pins, cracked sound boards and bridges, and poor finishes. The cost varies based on restoration work needed. An estimate will be provided at the first appointment.

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